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Tabrez Rubberwala’s – Shafi Castle

Tabrez Rubberwala’s – Shafi Castle

Introduction: If you are looking for that perfect combination of affordability and class, Shafi Castle by Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructure is the best pick for you. Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures are a Mumbai based, extremely reputed real estate builders. Serving people for over a decade, we have gained a lot of great reviews from our residents. Headed by Mr. Tabrez Shaikh, the chairman of the company and Mr. Parvez Shaikh, the managing director of the company, this company is just going up ever since it was launched and the principal reason for that is customer friendly services as well as prices.

Shafi Castle: An exemplary beauty of ultra modern facilities

Located in the heart of Gurgaon, Mumbai, Shafi Castle is an absolute world in itself. The beautiful surroundings, finest amenities and suitable space between different towers in the society will enrich your experience of living in the city that never sleeps. Located in a prime location in Mumbai, Shafi Castle ofTabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures offers brilliant connectivity to various parts of Mumbai. Carefully picked location of the project renders you with a peaceful lifestyle with a hassle-free life. The beautifully designed landscapes inside the project make it a peaceful living destination. Spread in over 0.090 acres of areaShafi castle by Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures is an appropriate choice for people looking for two bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen apartments (2BHK). The 2BHK flats are available in two variants. One is spread in 474 square feet area and has two bedrooms, 1hall, one kitchen, and one toilet whereas the other type is dispersed in a stretch of 531 square feet and has two bedrooms, one hall, one kitchen, and two bathrooms.

Luxurious amenities offered by Shafi Castle – Tabrez Rubberwala 

There is a long list of luxurious amenities offered by Shafi Castle by Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures including Gymnasiums, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and 24 hours electricity backup. Going smart over the natural resources bequeath the residents with an eco-friendly living in this tranquil and prime location. With a world-class school, classic shopping complexes and various other kinds of conveniences are present inside the premises of Gurgaon, Mumbai that make your life so much easier. The society has a temple in the vicinity built keeping the Vaastu Shastra in mind. This temple serves as the source of positive vibes within the area. The clubhouse enhances the lifestyle of the residents of Shafi Castle and has a wide range of offerings for one to relax and rejuvenate.
At Shafi Castle by Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures, we are changing the definition of freedom. So if you are searching for your dream home but budget always stands in your way, Shafi castle is your best catch. We provide most affordable yet extremely luxurious living to our residents and that is why we are a growing family of happy and satisfied residents. End your search for freedom and housing outside and discover it within the boundaries. Get the lifestyle you deserve and the lifestyle you desire at Shafi Castle.

Tabrez Rubberwala’s – Arihant housing

Tabrez Rubberwala’s – Arihant housing

Are you among the list of one of those people who immediately look into their pockets the moment the idea of buying a home even crosses their minds? If so, welcome to Tabrez Rubberwala’s Arihant housing apartments. Tabrez Rubberwala housing and infrastructures have a practical approach towards the building, and thus we care about our customers and their budgets. Every project by Tabrez Rubberwala is affordable for the middle-class people even though the quality delivered is supreme. We realize that people are crushed under a load of increasing rates of properties and infrastructures and that is why we present to you the extremely affordable Arihant housing by Tabrez Rubberwala.
This housing and infrastructure company is headed by Mr Tabrez Shaikh as the chairman of the company and Mr Parvez Shaikh, the managing director of the company. Tabrez Rubberwala has a wide range of properties spread all across the city that never sleeps. The reputation that this company holds is just getting better every single day ever since it was launched and the quality delivered speaks for itself. We have a long list of happy residents who are satisfied with the amenities and rates offered to them by Tabrez Rubberwala.

Arihant housing: A housing solution that’s not heavy on your pocket

This project was built by TabrezRubberwala with a concept of walk to work, walk to school and walk to play. Each resident of this society will have access to all important places at a minimal walking distance. With a unique combination of outstanding location, pocket-friendly pricing and extravagant infrastructure, Arihant housing have a lot to offer to its residents. Not only this, the locality takes care of all the daily needs of a resident right from grocery stores to vegetable stores, dairy shops, malls and cinema halls and everything else that a resident would need from a modern dwelling. Living in Arihant housing will be a lifetime opportunity, and one should not miss it.

Ultra-modern amenities

Equipped with the entire list of first-class amenities, living here would be a luxurious and beautiful experience. Every inch of these breathtaking apartments serves as a source of bliss and amazement for the residents and their families. The apartments offer lush green surroundings, fresh air with a new wave of living that would encourage a healthy stress-free life for you and your family. With all the modern yet affordable amenities, residents would lead a dreamy, luxurious and comfortable living experience to nurture their mind, body, and spirit. Tabrez Rubberwala‘s Arihant housing offers ready to move in apartments which also offers amenities like club house, landscaped garden, swimming pool, badminton court, and gymnasium. The apartments offer build which will be one of its kind and living here would be an amazing experience. You can’t find any other gem standing with such
The project is wrapped with extravagances turning the resident’s lifestyle comfortable and hassle-free. The main motive of Tabrez Rubberwala‘s Arihant housing is to offer solaces, exquisitely designed accommodations and freshness of a new era.

Tabrez Rubberwala V/S Shamsher Pathan 10 Crore Defamation Suits Update

Tabrez Rubberwala V/S Shamsher Pathan 10 Crore Defamtion Suits Update
HC ne Awami Vikas Party President Shamsher Khan pathan ko Rubberwala ke Khilaf kahi Bhi kuch bhi posting nahi karne ka directive diya
Darsal Shamsher Pathan Ne Builder Developer Rubberwala Groups ke khilaf Social Media par tipani ki thi
High Court Directive to Shamsher Pathan
Shamsher Pathan either by Himself or through his Representatives Members or Associates or Friends or Relatives or Employee not to utter or repeat or Write or Publish or Circulate in any Social Media or give any message to Tv or Newspaper or other medium of Communication, any Material that will relate to Plantiff
Honarable Court further Directed
No Member of Awami Vikas Party also Shall make any Statement against or Relating to Plantiff (i.e Tabrez Rubberwala)
Is Se Pehle 26 Nov ko Bhi HC ne  Tabrez Rubberwala ke Khilaf koyee Bhi Post Kahi bhi nahi  karne ka Directive Diya tha 
Par Pathan ke Karyakarta ne Tabrez Rubberwala  ke Khilaf Social Media Par ek Post ki 
Tabrez Rubberwala group ne Court mai Contempt Petition File ki
Jis ke baad HC ne Shamsher Pathan ko Ya un ke Dost Ya Relative ya karyakartao ko Kahi bhi kuch bhi  post nahi karna ka directive issue kiya aur Show cause notice issue kiya. 
Next date  is on 1st February 2019

Get ready to witness another wonder by Tabrez Rubberwala.

Get ready to witness another wonder by Tabrez Rubberwala.

When it comes to finding a housing solution that caters to your need luxury and comfort are the two factors that you can never compromise with at any point in time. With the advent of the modern era, we all are looking for personal spaces that are spacious and embedded with modern facilities. If you too are looking for space which can be called as your own, then Tabrez Rubberwala can turn your dream of having an affordable housing solution into reality. He is the master builder reckoned for his extraordinary skills to create buildings that speak of style and elegance. He has created such exemplary projects in the past that have been the sign of his brilliant vision and creative thinking. One such project of Mr Tabrez Rubberwala that conquers the height of people is The Sana Heights. It is one of the best craftsmanship of Mr Tabrez Rubberwala located in a lush green area full of modern facilities.

A Skyscraper providing living spaces similar to paradise - Tabrez Rubberwala

Tabrez Rubberwala as put his heart while creating the structure and planning out the entire timeline of the construction of this building. The Sana Heights is a living example that depicts that magnificence doesn’t need to be dependent on the lavish expenditure. Sana Heights is a top class living society at Sir J.J Road. The address itself is bliss as it is considered as the poshest locations over there. This gorgeous building spreads across 270 sq mt area with an open space for parking. This 18 storey building offers you a splendid view of surroundings which is not less than a heaven. The whole building consists of  1 BHK, 2BHK and 3 BHK rooms. Tabrez Rubberwala has put extra attention in every single feature to make it look more splendid in terms of luxury. Every aspect of this building will complement your lavish lifestyle. Tabrez has taken care of every single element used in making this structure gorgeous. Its beautiful surrounding will also magnetise the people.

Tabrez Rubberwala – A man who never negotiates with his dreams

Tabrez Rubberwala is the finest builders across the nation capable of building exemplary personal and commercial spaces. Every single apartment at Sana Heights speaks the luxurious language that Tabrez has orated. No matter how confused are you while discerning about your needs Tabrez is going to find a way out? Every single element of the building is tested under Tabrez’s supervision so nobody can take a dig on your dreams.

So now what are you waiting for? Turn your every housing dream into reality with all affordable and personal luxuries that Tabrez Rubberwala has provided you. Great housing solution starts with a great mind, and nobody can do this better than Tabrez Rubberwala.

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Tabrez Rubberwala: A man having the proficiency to create dream homes

Tabrez Rubberwala: A man having the proficiency to create dream homes

Introduction: Are you looking for your dream home in Mumbai but cannot afford them? Crumbled under a load of increasing prices of property? Rubberwala housing and infrastructures by TabrezRubberwala have got your back! TabrezRubberwala housing is a well reputed real estate builders based in Mumbai. This housing and infrastructure company is run by Mr Tabrez Shaikh, the chairman of the company and Mr Parvez Shaikh, the managing director of the company. We have a chain of projects spread all across the city of dreams to make sure you have a comfortable home when you come back after a long hectic day.

Orion: A modern blend of comfort and sturdiness

Rubberwala Orion by TabrezRubberwala is located in the heart of Gurgaon, Mumbai. Spread in over 0.20 Acres of the area, Orion is a premium housing project which was launched in August 2013. Available in 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen (2BHK), three bedrooms, hall, kitchen (3BHK), 4bedrooms, hall, kitchen (4BHK), Orion apartments have been pleasing people since 2013. There is a varied range of luxurious amenities that TabrezRubberwala Orion offers, including, clubhouse, cafeteria, gymnasium, landscaped gardens, swimming pool, and jogging track.
The 2BHK Apartments of TabrezRubberwala’s Orion is divided into two-floor plans, while one is spread on about 730 square feet; the other 2BHK covers about 1020 square feet of area. Consisting of 2 bedrooms, 1 Hall, one kitchen and 2 Toilets, these apartments are beautifully designed and are a must see if you're looking for a 2BHK in Mumbai.
The 3BHK apartments are of two-floor plans as well. One thousand three hundred square feet and 1833 square feet are the two variants. Three bedrooms, one hall, one kitchen, and three toilets are the features of Rubberwala Orion 3BHK apartments.
The 4BHK apartments are spread on a huge 2170 square feet area and consist of 4 bedrooms, 1 Hall, one kitchen and four toilets.

Major facilities by Tabrez Rubberwala 

There are many luxurious amenities offered by Tabrez Rubberwala’s Orion. We provide you with landscaped gardens for your kids, elderly and for you to relax in after a long day. If you're a fitness enthusiast and believe in 'keep grinding' our jogging tracks and gymnasiums are a perfect fit for your healthy lifestyle. If it's too cold outside or you are simply too lazy to cook, our cafeterias are always at your service. You can order or dine in as per your convenience. You can host meetings, kitty parties or small-scale parties like birthday parties etc. at our clubhouse and enjoy a hassle-free evening. Swimming pools with safeguarded kids area and separate pools for males and females are few other amenities you will find in TabrezRubberwala’s Orion.
So if you are looking for a luxurious home in Mumbai at an affordable price, TabrezRubberwala’s Orion is the best choice for you. We have a huge family of happy residents, and we want you to join as well!
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Get ready to witness another prodigy by Tabrez Rubberwala

Get ready to witness another prodigy by Tabrez Rubberwala

Home is a place where you find the absolute respite and comfort. With the time moving ahead, the necessity for attaining luxury has moreover changed. Everybody is searching for their own personal place with all new and trendy luxuries that can make their life even more well-off than before. However, it’s tough to search out for such an area where you can find an absolute sense of luxury that can fit comfortably into your pocket. Tabrez Rubberwala is a man with a vision known for creating extravagance in a suitable budget. He is an extremely talented builder who holds proficiency in the field of construction. Keeping in mind the demand of upper-middle-class individuals he creates spectacular commercial and personal spaces. One of his recent projects La Vista is embodied with modern facilities and grandeur that you might have thought of in your dreams. 

La Vista: A building with incredibly majestic beauty

Tabrez Rubberwala is that the man who holds the mastery to create an appealing structure with all the brilliant options. The La Vista is a living example that depicts that man has reached to such height where even inert things can also give a spectacular view. La Vista is unquestionably top living society at Mazgaon. The address itself is a treat of culture and heritage. Spread across 1450sq mt it has all the modern amenities for a comfortable living. Tabrez Rubberwala has put his heart in designing this marvelous beauty. This six-floor building offers you a splendid view of surroundings that isn't less than heaven. This complete building is smitten with one and two BHK residence facilities. Tabrez Rubberwala has put surplus attention in every single feature to give it a luxurious feel. Every single element of this building offers respite to your soul as you enter the building lushed with greenery and park. Tabrez has taken care of every single component to create this structure beautiful. 

Tabrez Rubberwala- A successful name providing magnificent housing solutions

Tabrez Rubberwala is the man behind many such ambitious projects, and his name is reckoned for providing housing solutions in a budget. Whatever requirements you have regarding your commercial and personal projects you can’t find anyone better than him shaping your projects into reality. Whenever you envision to build your home or commercial buildings you need to be very sure of the expertise of the contractor and his craftsmanship. There are many constructors who use low quality materials while constructing your building which leads to great havoc in the future. Tabrez Rubberwala believes onto working on a transparent system where every material that goes into construction is double checked so that the sturdiness of your building is never compromised. If you need affordable housing solution in budget or want to establish your grand office at your vacant piece of land you can contact Tabrez Rubberwala and he’ll not just help you in building the most extravagant projects but he’ll also take care that you don’t have to compromise with your budget while doing so.
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Witness the splendid craftsmanship of Tabrez Rubberwala with Abdul Rehman Heights

Witness the splendid craftsmanship of Tabrez Rubberwala with Abdul Rehman Heights

Your home is that corner where you have a fun time with your family, where you get rid of stress and feel a sense of belongingness. With this changing era of urbanisation, there is an increasing number of people who are looking for their own space to start a self-reliant future with their loved ones. But you need to have a lavish budget in today’s time to afford a home equipped with all the modern facilities. If you’re looking for admirable spaces within your budget, then Tabrez Rubberwala can definitely provide you with an affordable housing solution lushed with modern facilities. He is a builder who knows what is in your heart and what are looking for. He offers feasible solutions to every single person who wants to own his own magnificent home or a proficient workplace. Tabrez is the man behind hundreds of successful projects, and he’s also a part of hundreds of ongoing projects. Tabrez Rubberwala knows how to make a masterpiece with every minor knowledge of art. Let’s discuss one of his masterpiece Abdul Rehman Heights. 

Tabrez Rubberwala: The man behind this ultra-modern luxury

Tabrez Rubberwala holds the mastery in bringing your dream projects into reality. The name Abdul Rehman Heights as the name suggests states graciousness.  This 19 storey skyscraper is a one in a million ultra-modern blend of comfort and luxury. Tabrez has designed all the housing projects with such graciousness that it gives a completely luxurious look and it is also pocket friendly. The best thing about Tabrez is that he turns a normal location into a piece of heaven. This elegant skyscraper is situated in a silent location of Mumbai Sandhurst Road. This whole Building consists of 1BHK apartments that are spacious. Every little thing has been pre-planned while constructing this building such as the optimum amount of sunlight and breeze that comes through the windows.

Your dream house is in safe hand with Tabrez Rubberwala

Everyone wishes for a well-furnished modern space with comfortable living. A place where anyone can dream about their future and take a break from the hassle of this life. This magnificent building is strong enough to handle and resist Natural calamities. It has 19 floors that offer duplexes and 1BHK apartment. This is one of best structure present in the beautiful location that makes it in the list of one of the most anticipated buildings. This massive structure offers you a gigantic and a breathtaking view of the greenery at that place. Tabrez Rubberwala has used his distinct creativity to sprawl this entire project with utmost beauty. The material used in the creation of this project has been tested numerous times so that nothing can affect the durability of this splendid beauty.

If you too are magnetised by the splendid beauty of this project then you can come to Tabrez Rubberwala and have a house of your dreams.

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